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¡Galardonado con el sello de plata eKomi!
¡Galardonado con el sello de plata eKomi!

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  • Opinión del cliente

    2 / 10
    I booked car GOLD CAR from *** to be sure that I have all covered before getting car and I have best price, what They guarantee in *** website.
    I landed in Sevilla 02 June 2018 at 8pm with small daughter ( 3 years old ) I was happy to get fast car and go do my hotel to Chiclana de la Frontiera what is around 1,5 driving from Sevilla.

    When I went to pick up car in Goldcar desk I got information that I don’t have any insurance. They didn’t want to take deposit *** euro. They said that I don’t have any insurance, What I have is not valid and I have to pay extra *** euro to have car and be safe with my child on the road. I was really big surprise , because in the mail from *** and during booking i bought insurance Premium and there was written also that I don’t need to pay anything because all is covered.

    Why they scare me? and I didn’t have any choice and time to check anything with ***. Is was late, my daughter was tired, and I was alone there with 1,5h driving in front of me.

    No choice I had to buy that insurance and get the keys and go to my destination.

    But It was not just one thing.

    Unfortunately in Chiclana de la Frontiera i got broken tire. I was 10 pm. I called assistance and I was waiting at night on the road 40 minutes. When they finally arrive in my car was not extra tires, so they couldn’t change tire. They took my car and at 12 at night I had to call my hotel and request to pick me up from the road with my 3 years daughter. I was tired and my child was scared. It was late night, know people and unworked car.

    Next day was Sunday so everything was closed. I called Goldcar how they can bring me car.. i got information that I have to take taxi and go to Seville Airport to pick up car or I can take taxi and go to Jerez airport to pick up car. Just for information I was alone with my daughter so everywhere I have to take her with me.
    Sunday I did minimum 4 calls to Goldcar and I got 3 different information about who will pay for taxi - cost *** euro one side to Jerez , without any confirmation that I will get that car there. No direct phone to Jerez Airport. So i got information:

    1. that I can pay and I will get refund in Jerez Airport
    2. I can call to assistance, they can call taxi for me and pay. Assistance said not possible.
    3. finally after fight on phone and my stress on holiday Gold car call taxi and paid. It was Sunday 8pm, so I have to take my daughter with me and go at night to pick up new car.

    In Jerez Airport when we reached office was ***, She was not nice, chewing gum all time and then she did balloon who blast in front of me, I got really irritation and request her to thru gum from mount. She pretends that she doesn’t understand english.
    Itw as really rude and not what I expect from customer service.

    From perspective is unbelievable situation:

    First that extra insurance. They used late night time, that I was with small child and need cars fast.
    I expect also satisfaction for
    - one day without car
    - no spare tire
    - few time call to Goldcar info line and always different answer about taxi cost.
    - really poor client service from Goldcar

    in this time when is so big competition its unbelievable for me such king of service.

    I did complain to Gold Car and *** but they just send me to each other and i didn’t get any satisfy answer and refound for this. So I decided to find help in deferent place.
    del 16.07.2018 a las 18:39 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    claro y rápido perfecto como siempre
    del 14.11.2017 a las 07:50 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    Bien explicado, sobretodo el seguro a todo Riesgo, que es donde la informacion la presentan muy confusa
    del 13.11.2017 a las 22:11 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    Muy bien
    del 13.11.2017 a las 20:26 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    fácil, rápido y muy bien de precio
    del 13.11.2017 a las 19:53 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    Facil y rapido.
    del 13.11.2017 a las 18:32 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    Nunca he tenido problemas con esta compañía, los empleados muy atentos siempre, ayudando en todo sin problemas servicio fenomenal hasta hoy

    Lo que no me gusta en nada es la limitación de kilómetros que es muy baja, yo viajo mucho y en otras compañías veo que el kilometraje es ilimitado y a un precio similar aquí les doy un 0000 aunque sigo siendo cliente de GOLDCAR teneis una flota buena y nueva, recomiendo siempre esta compañia

    del 13.11.2017 a las 16:20 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    8 / 10
    Si lo recomendaria
    del 13.11.2017 a las 16:10 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    10 / 10
    Fácil y claro
    del 13.11.2017 a las 14:39 h
  • Opinión del cliente

    8 / 10
    todo rapido y eficiente
    del 13.11.2017 a las 14:12 h

Goldcar ES

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    Ctra. de Valencia N-332 km 115
    03550, San Juan de Alicante

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    Tel: 34 965652482
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    del 16.07.2018 a las 18:39 h
  • Michael Ambros
    eKomi CEO

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